Structure for Time, Namyangju

House with a Sublime Roof, Jeongseon

Studio Soparo, Seoul
Small but Remarkable, Seoul
House within Woodland, Jangsu

Lil Bürger, Seoul


FER, Jeongseon

Concrete Chamber Room, Seoul
Added Kitchen, Hongcheon
Flatment with Long Wall, Seoul
Matroos’ House, Tongyeong


House with Storage, Hongcheon
Samshinri Guest House, Hadong
House with Long Table, Boondang
I-Pakr APT Renovation, Seoul
House with Long Stairs, Seoul
Lawfirm Tong Interior, Seoul
JR APT Renovation, Seoul
Hanok Remodeling, Gyedong


Audio Guy Stage, Seoul
Insol Office Renovation, Seoul
House with Long Corridor, Seoul
Cake Shop, Seoul
Coffee House, Geojedo


Room with Stage, Yeoksamdong
Rearranged Storage, Pocheon
Garage of Silence, Hadong
Tower House, Pyeongchangdong
House of Relation, Hongcheon
Ger District Redevelopment, Ulaanbaatar
National Housing Supply, Goesan


Small Cottage on Hill, Gapyeong
Hanok refurbishment, Naejadong
Pager:um Interior, Gangnam
Rural House as Landscape, Hongcheon 
Hostel refurbishment, Namyangju
Photography studio, Seogyodong
Plywood furniture, Gwangju


Geoje Brewery Interior, Geojedo
Flat Renovation for Young Couple, Oksudong
Flat Renovation for Old Couple, Ilwondong
Jacob’s ladder installation, Huamdong
Cottage with Two Gardens, Yangpyeong
Redhill Care Home, Sutton
Lammas Road House, Richmond
Flat Renovation, Buamdong
Courtyards in Clinic, Boondang
Huamdong Atelier, Huamdong