Archive of Modern Villas

_Personal Archive, 2011-2013

The Romantic Infrastructure in Naples

_Master Thesis, 2016

The Story of House Being Built

_Lecture at Joshua Chruch, 2017

City as Landscape

_Lecture at Gyungbook Univ, 2017

Building as Figure

_Lecture at Gyungbook Univ, 2018

Beyond Green

_Lecture at Suwon Univ, 2018

Path and Place

_Lecture at Dongyang Univ, 2019

Geometry of Dailiness

_Lecture at Dongyang Uni, 2019

Hierarchy of Structures : When the system is broken

_Lecture at Paichai Univ, 2019

Drawing Pad

_Workshop at Navarra Univ, 2020

Form Found From The Ordinary

_FormGivers: Part of the Architecture Foundation 100day studio, 2020

Ambiguous Landscape

_Private Paper, 2021

Attitude for Relation

_Private Paper, 2021

Gestalt in Progress

_Private Paper, 2021

Value of Goodness

_Private Paper, 2021

Possibility from Dailiness

_Private Paper, 2021